Universal Daily Formula

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  • The digestive enzymes of universal nutrition daily formula help support your bodys digestive function and improve the GI tract functions
  • Improves Immunity, Supported with balanced nutrients
  • It improves bone and muscle development
  • Universal Nutrition daily enriched with iron, calcium, magnesium, and folic acid
  • It contains Biotin that strengthens nails and hair and the Zinc in this supplement helps fight muscle pains, cramps, and body aches


  • Universal Nutrition Daily Formula, Unflavored 100 tablets

    Are you looking for a daily supplement to enhance your general well being and initiate healthy living? If yes, then try the Universal Nutrition Daily Formula. This advanced multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is specially formulated for everyday use to provide sufficient nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.

    Who needs Universal Nutrition Daily Formula?

    If you have a hectic daily schedule laced with stress and exposure to environmental pollutants, it is vital to understand that your health is likely to be compromised over time due to your lifestyle.
    To top it up, inadequate nutrition from the foods we eat might lead to a lopsided nutrient supply to our bodies, which creates an imbalance in our body’s biochemistry and enzyme function.
    A body that does not receive adequate nutrition and misses vital minerals and vitamins is likely to feel tired easily. A compromised immune system, mood swings, and constant lethargy are some other side effects one must deal with if one’s nutrition is inadequate.
    If you experience most of the symptoms mentioned above and hope to improve your overall health and wellbeing, the Universal Nutrition Daily Formula is just perfect for you.

    Why opt for the Universal Nutrition Daily Formula?

    Enriched with the goodness of 25 vital nutrients and effective digestive enzymes, this daily supplement is a must-have to improve your overall health.
    Here are some important benefits of the Universal Nutrition Daily Formula:
    • Aids digestion: The digestive enzymes in this supplement help support your body’s digestive function and improve the GI tract functions.
    • Improves Immunity: Supported with balanced nutrients, the body’s immunity improves and the body is able to fight disease and infections better.
    • Improved Metabolism: Regular intake of these tablets improves the body’s metabolism as it contains the revitalizing Vitamin B along with other vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, and E, which display antioxidant properties that reduce the harmful effects of free radicals.  The metabolic rate also improves with better enzymatic activity in the body.
    • Improved Bone and Muscle Development: Universal Nutrition Daily Formula review by several users has highlighted an improvement in bone and muscle strength after taking the supplement as it comes enriched with vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus etc. It is also good to be taken as a post-workout supplement to aid muscle recovery and reduce damage to tissue.
    • Suitable for women’s health: Enriched with iron, calcium, magnesium, and folic acid this supplement is perfect for enhancing the overall health of women as well. It contains Biotin that strengthens nails and hair and the Zinc in this supplement helps fight muscle pains, cramps, and body aches.


    The Universal Nutrition Daily Formula tablets come unflavored.

    How to Use?

    This is a dietary supplement. For best results, take one tablet of the Universal Nutrition Daily Formula once a day after breakfast or before going to bed. You may consult your physician or a certified healthcare professional for specific guidelines if any.

    Where to Buy?

    This supplement is easily available at Nowfit and can be bought in combination with other health supplements and products from the brand for great results. According to Universal Nutrition Daily Formula reviews from Nowfit Customers, you can look for great deals and discounts as well on the site. Order online for convenient, on-location delivery, with an array of convenient payment options to pick from.


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