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Easy & Fastest ways to lose weight |Scientific Ways

It is very logical to lose 2 kg to 3 kg of weight within a week. All you have to do is follow some easy and basic rules not just to lose weight but also to live a healthy life.
It is very important for us to understand the science behind losing weight. It is equally important for us to understand that losing weight does not mean sticking towards a fixed meal in fact it is about the science behind the food we eat.

Proteins – Body’s best friend!

Protein is the body’s best buddy! Your body requires protein in abundance. The amount of protein you get from your daily habits of food is not sufficient if you are an adult and especially if you are a woman as women loose proteins in periods and other required nutrients with blood and other substances.

lose weight in a scientific way proteins
Proteins – Body’s best friend!

Protein intake boosts metabolism, makes you feel full stomach, and helps weight-linked hormones to function in favor. It helps you to lose weight, look good, increase stamina & also lose belly fat.

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List of the vegetarian source of protein

  • Green Peas
  • Beans
  • Tofu
  • Chia seeds
  • Sesame, Sunflower and Poppy Seeds & lot more! ( Let us know in the comment section if you want a detailed study on protein sources. )

List of Non-vegetarian source of protein

  • Eggs
  • Chicken Breast
  • Tuna
  • Fish (any fish)
  • Shrimps & lot more! ( Let us know in the comment section if you want a detailed study on protein sources. )

You decide your target regarding weight loss but remember that if you are up for level 4 then it is mandatory to full all the levels before 4.

Level 0 – Lose weight – Easiest Way

Here, level 0 indicates the easiest task and rules to be included in your daily life but no need to worry about sacrifices those are easy ones. You have to start focusing on a few things such as sleep, water intake, proteins, of course, carbs.

Practice these simple life hacks to lose weight and get a healthy body.


Boycott sugar or at least avoid as much as you can. It is the beginning as well as a crucial topic to counter. Sugar is addictive & contains unwanted carbs and it adds lots of fat in your body. Also, it gives no aid to your body, in fact, it has more disadvantages than benefits.

Proper Sleep

Proper and adequate sleep has more meaning than just sleep. If your body does not get proper rest of 7 hours at least in a dark area then you probably may face some serious issues in the future. Your body builds, gets reboot done & recovers at night on the basis of what we eat and do during day time. Sleep is the easiest step towards a healthy mind & healthy body.

Caloric Theory

This is a very very important theory to understand as soon as you think of losing weight. It says that the calories you burn have to be always more than calories you give to your body each and every day till the time you achieve goals. ( caloric output > caloric input ).

Level 1 – Lose weight – Easy Way

Level 1 is also easy but includes a few sacrifices and if you are really passionate about your goal then this must not become a hurdle. At this level you have to sacrifice all the junk food.

Junk food

Junk food is bad for health we already know it right? Especially vegetarian junk food because veg junk food contains lots of fat & lots of simple carbs, on the other hand, Non-Veg junk food contains at least a little bit of protein in it. If you are vegetarian you can have paneer or soy as a snack.

Hence, level 1 talks about eliminating junk food from your daily life and following the previous level.

Level 2 – Lose weight – Moderate

carbohydrates lose weight nowfit
Carbohydrates – Nowfit

At this level, your main focus should be on Carbohydrates. There is a thing to know about carbs, i.e., to know what is good and healthy carbs & and which carbs support increasing fat.

On one hand, Bad Carbohydrates are simple and take less time to get digested, while on the other hand, Good Carbohydrates are complex and take a longer time to get digested also these are low in GI. Hence, good carbs will make you feel sufficiently eaten that means you will no longer ask for food again and again, which will help you not to increase weight.

In order to maintain good carbohydrates in your body, you have to start replacing white bread, white rice and maida, potatoes with multigrain bread, brown rice, whole wheat, and sweet potatoes respectively, and also add Rava, Jowar, Bajra, Oats, etc in your diet.

If you include these levels in your habit then it will do wonders for you 100% guaranteed. To make these levels more fun you are of course allowed to have CHEAT DAYS & CHEAT MEALS In fact it has few benefits too for the process of losing weight. Let’s check those benefits in a jiffy :

  • It keeps you motivated and it is a kind of awards from you to yourself.
  • It helps to continue your weight loss for a longer period.
  • It reboots/rejuvenates your body.

Level 3 – Lose weight – Difficult

The level of difficulty depends upon the mindset you carry, the discipline level you can tolerate, without forcing yourself mentally.

Intermittent Fasting (IF)

This is one method of losing weight by following some strict rules. It is a popular and trendy method and many popular faces have shared positive reviews for the same.
IF is about the cycle of eating and fasting you run in your body. It reduces calorie intake and energizes you. IF focuses less on “what you eat” and more on “when you eat”.

Alternate Day Fasting (ADF)

Alternate day fasting is a popular approach to intermittent fasting. As the name suggests, one has to practice fasting every alternate day if following ADF. Also, you are allowed to eat whenever you want to, the whole day, but do fasting the very next day.

Benefits: Experience improved insulin sensitivity, stronger immune system, Weight Loss, and other benefits.

Remember – You don’t have to follow both methods at the same time. It might have a negative impact on your body.

Level 4 – Lose weight – Most Difficult


This is the most difficult diet one can endure. It involves so many restrictions and you just cannot afford being lenient. It creates another world of yours and needs to be decided each and every ingredient, if to be eaten or not.

Ketogenic Diet

Note – It is not for Vegetarians because it involves maintaining carbs and every vegetable has some amount of carbohydrates, hence it is difficult to even execute it.

  1. Super low card diet: During this diet, you have to maintain carbs below 20g and that is a very serious threshold.
  2. Homemade food: Have to eat homemade food and if possible do cook it by yourself, as you have to keep a count of every gram of protein, carbs, etc.
  3. No sugar: You cannot afford to have even a single trace of sugar. Not even from 20g carbs you intake.
  4. Vegetables: It is important to have veggies but be very selective, not all can be eaten during keto. (Eg: Leafy veggies, broccoli, zucchini.)
  5. Processed food: Strictly prohibited !!

Re-feed Days: You are strictly required to increase carbohydrates up to 500 g maximum in the body in every 10 to 15 days. It is important to step but none of the carbs should come from sugar.

The downside of Ketogenic diet – Keto Flu – You will definitely face keto flu during this diet but there is nothing to worry about. A little bit of cold & nostalgia will be there say for approx 5 days but you can minimize this duration through a workout.

Practice Ketogenic Diet for a minimum of 30 days.

Final Talk on losing weight

  1. Protein is the best buddy of your body.
  2. Carbohydrates are the most lovable source of energy as per your body.
  3. Sugar is bad for health.
  4. Adequate sleep of not less than 7 hours is very important.
  5. Stay hydrated no matter what season it is.
  6. You need to have a disciplined lifestyle in order to follow any of the ways mentioned.
  7. Stress is health’s enemy be mental of physical health.
  8. Take shorter steps, don’t jump for the biggest goals.
  9. Cheat meals are a fun part of losing weight and hence, you can proudly have it.
  10. Stay fit, buy original & visit again.

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